Everyone's Excited to Punch Nazis In the Latest Trailer for Crisis on Earth-X

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There are, apparently, two things on this Earth (on multiple Earths, technically) that can unite the disparate heroes of the CW/DC universe. The first is socially obligated wedding appearances. The other? Fighting alternate-universe Nazis.


While not as joyously excitable at our first look at Crisis on Earth-X earlier this week, the latest trailer for the big gooey mashup of Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow sets up the most simple of premises for the crossover: There are Nazis from a 53rd, secret Earth in the Multiverse, and our heroes are very excited to power walk over to said Nazis and then beat the crap out of them.

Seriously, no one was this gung-ho to be fighting the Dominators in the last crossover, and being the first and last line of defence in an alien invasion is pretty damn cool. But here, every’s just... well, punchy, both in terms of being amped to go save the day from the Nazis—very explicitly so, instead of shrouding them in a layer of comic book nonsense—and in terms of they’re superheroes and punching things is really what they do best.

It’s still looking fun as hell though. Crisis on Earth-X kicks off next Monday, November 27.

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The alt-right isn’t going to like this! Anti-Nazi-ism makes them feel persecuted... for some reason.