Do You Dare Disturb The Thing in the Apartment?

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Sam is dead asleep when her best friend Lindsay calls in a total panic, barely making sense and completely freaking out about the creature she swears she saw lurking in her bedroom. Was it night terrors? A bad reaction to a sleeping pill? Or... something far too nightmarish to comprehend?


Lindsay’s absolutely against it, but Sam can’t resist heading right over to her place to investigate. John William Ross’s scary short film The Thing in the Apartment—great title, by the way—doesn’t waste any time trying to contextualize or explain its horror. It just offers a familiar setting and wraps it in tons of genuine suspense, with a payoff that may not surprise you, but still manages to be satisfying as hell.

And if you can’t get enough... check out the sequel.

[Crypt TV via John William Ross]

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