Image: Bad Dragon

Whenever there’s a new, popular sci-fi movie like Avatar or television show like Stranger Things that features otherworldly creatures, there’s a certain number of the people who see the strange beasts and think to themselves “I wanna have sex with that alien demon thing or whatever it is.”

This is a perfectly natural response that sex columnist describes as an unrealizable fetish: being turned on by something that simply isn’t possible. As the term suggests, most unrealizable fetishes (like wanting to have hair sex with a Na’vi) are impossible and the only way people can really engage with them is through imagination-heavy roleplay.


That being said, there are companies that cater to folks with unique sexual tastes and make toys designed to help make unrealizable fetishes a little bit more realizable. Dildo manufacturer Bad Dragon is known for its sex toys styled after aliens and monsters and like any company with keeping up with the culture, they’re getting in on the Stranger Things bandwagon. To promote their new demogorgon dildo, the company shot a Stranger Things spoof chronicling a scientist’s desperate attempt to track down a monster that’s escaped from another dimension into ours.

If that sounds at all silly to you, it’s because it’s ridiculous, but you’ve got to hand it to a sex toy company willing to take the time to recreate Stranger Things’ spooky atmosphere in hopes of possibly convincing you to buy a demogorgon penis.