The Senate Democrats Do Not Understand Stranger Things

 Senate Democrats via Twitter
Senate Democrats via Twitter

The White House’s long-awaited tax plan is supposed to be officially unveiled tomorrow after details of how the proposal would immediately raise taxes on the middle class were reported on by multiple outlets. In preparation for tomorrow’s news, the Senate Democrats decided to get with the times through pop culture.


Looking to get in on the Stranger Things hype, the Senate Democrats Twitter account tweeted this:


Isn’t that clever? Trump’s plan’s in the upside down because it’s bad and hurts people. That makes our position easier to understand!

In a very basic way, this joke makes sense because the Upside Down is the ultimate source of Stranger Things’ paranormal threats. But read in a more thoughtful way, Stranger Things reveals its heroes’ truest opponents are the companies and organizations with deep governmental ties. It’s those organizations’ greed and desire to exploit the upside down that ends up setting Stranger Things’ dangerous moments in motion.

Granted, people in government pointing to a show where the threat is from the government seems like a bad idea. On the other hand, an adversary that forges ahead with a dangerous plan even after plenty of evidence that it’s making things worse is much more in line with the opponents the Senate Democrats are facing and for them to focus on the Upside Down—a source of eldritch and mysterious terrors—rather than their very real opponents just feels lame. 

io9 Culture Critic and Staff Writer. Cyclops was right.

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Fucking Democrats, always trying to be clever and cute. I want you to be angry. Republicans gutting Medicaid and raising taxes on the middle class in order to give trillions to billionaires should enrage them, not inspire them to come up with dumb attempts to “engage the youth vote” or however it was put by the consultant they paid an outrageous amount of money to for this ad.