The Kingpin Will Return to Menace Hell's Kitchen in Daredevil Season Three

Image: Marvel/Netflix
Image: Marvel/Netflix

Wilson Fisk, the villain that started it all, is going to be back in action in Daredevil’s next season—a welcome but unsurprising move, given what we know about the comic book saga that will inspire Matt Murdock’s next solo outing.


The news of Vincent D’Onofrio’s return for Daredevil’s third season was first revealed to Deadline today, alongside the news that Erik Oleson (executive producer on Man in the High Castle and Arrow) will be replacing Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez as showrunner.

D’Onofrio has long said he’s been open to making a return to the series, and it was obvious ever since Fisk’s incarceration at the end of Daredevil season one—and his brief re-appearance in season two—that one of the Man without Fear’s greatest foes would return to the show. But it also makes a ton of sense given what we saw at the end of The Defenders, which faux-killed-off Matt (at least to his friends and fellow heroes) in order to set up him being nursed back to health in a Catholic convent.

Daredevil #227 art by David Mazzucchelli and Christie Scheele (credited as Max Scheele).
Daredevil #227 art by David Mazzucchelli and Christie Scheele (credited as Max Scheele).

That particular story beat is more than familiar to comic fans—it’s from “Born Again,” the 1986 storyline that saw Kingpin learn Daredevil’s secret identity and attempt to destroy his life. Star Charlie Cox has confirmed that the third season of Daredevil will be loosely inspired by the story in the wake of The Defenders, so even at its loosest it’s not that surprising that Wilson Fisk will still play a major role in the TV version of this saga. Maybe he’ll finally wear his iconic white suit from the comics?

Daredevil season three is expected to hit Netflix sometime in 2018.

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Angrier Geek

Vincent D’Onofrio’s performance in the first season would have generated awards talk were this not a “superhero” show. It was as much about him as Matt Murdock and I hope they remember this for the third. And it’s gonna be seriously loose if it’s based on “Born Again” given the importance of Captain America at the end. What Marvel character can show up and be the same kind of patriotic heavyweight? Ooh, maybe a character named for one of the other Caps turns up to deal with Nuke? Maybe a Col. Isiah Bradley...

And the white-suit-with-ascot was actually a joke in the first season.