The Teaser Trailer for World of Tomorrow Episode Two Is Oh So Wonderful

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The teaser trailer for Don Hertzfeldt’s World of Tomorrow Episode Two is here, and while it’s disappointingly short, it’s just as weird and wonderful as you’d hope.


The full title for the animated scifi short is World of Tomorrow Episode Two: The Burden of Other People’s Thoughts. The sequel continues the story of the time-traveler named Emily that was begun in the 2015 Oscar-nominated original. Here’s the colorful and intriguing teaser.

I saw the short a few weeks ago and wrote about it below, so if you want to know more, I direct you to that.

World of Tomorrow Episode Two doesn’t have a release date yet, but part one is available on Netflix.


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Executor Elassus

You know how Japan has a list of, like, 70-odd people who have the honor of being “living cultural treasures” or whatever? Those few people who are masters of particular Japanese cultural institutions, and still carry them on?

If the US ever cared enough about its own cultural heritage to have something like that, Don would be at the top of my list. He’s a masterful animator, cartoonist, filmmaker, etc.

Some of my proudest keepsakes are a snippet of the original film reel from Everything Will Be Okay, and his fantastic picture-book THE END OF THE WORLD. I’m so happy to see he’s still doing his good work.