In This It Parody, Anderson Cooper's Greatest Fear is a Bad Guest

Image: NBC
Image: NBC

Anderson Cooper’s, newscasting’s most likeable talking head, is largely unflappable. In a new digital short, Saturday Night Live taps into Stephen King’s horror to see what really scares Cooper. We all float down here, Coopy.


Playing on the public image of Kellyanne Conway, a counselor to the President and a Trump-defending pundit extraordinare, as an attention-hounding amoral deceiver, SNL crafts Kellywise, the darkest articulation of everything a reporter like Anderson Cooper fears.

Like a lot of SNL’s Digital Shorts, this is pretty solid, with a whole calvacade of things Cooper might be afraid of to back up the sewer-dwelling pundit of terror. You can watch it below.


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Julie Muncy

The funniest thing about this sketch is that Kellyanne Conway as a trans-dimensional horror clown might be more sympathetic than the truth.

Actually, that’s not funny. It’s just sad.