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Pennywise, for the uninitiated, is a trans-dimensional force of fear and pain that enjoys haunting children, personifying generational trauma, and hanging out in the form of a clown.

Does the internet want to fuck it? Oh hell yes the internet wants to fuck it.

Let me introduce everyone to Pennywise Confessions, the epicenter of a thriving and thirsty tumblr fandom for everyone’s favorite clown monster metaphor thing.


These confessions are good. They’re really good, y’all.

Pennywise is, apparently, daddy AF. It makes sense; clown fetishists and monster fetishists both exist, and Pennywise is the perfect hybrid. Who doesn’t want to stare deep into those terrible eldritch eyes?


Most of the confessions on offer are of the highly explicit variety, but some are more innocent. Some of us just want to get to know Pennywise. Find out what makes him laugh. Take him out to a nice dinner.

And before you think that the love is exclusively reserved for Bill Skarsgard’s younger, sexier clown prince of oh-god-i’m-going-to-die, rest assured that some members of the community aren’t so limited.


And before the intrepid book readers in the comments say, “Wait, but Pennywise isn’t really a clown. Isn’t he, like, a conglomeration of light and pain?” The Pennywise fandom knows. And they’re into it.


It may seem like I’m making fun here, and I kind of am, but I legitimately get a huge kick out of this. The internet is this bizarre place where everyone gets to work through and share their weirdest, most unusual interests (sexual or otherwise), and no matter what, they’ll always find someone else who’s into it.

Just think that, in past generations, there were people who were just super into sentient fear monsters and they didn’t have anyone to turn to. What dark times those must have been.

Tumblr user tinytoychihuahua put it best, I think: