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Jeph Loeb Insists ABC is Still the "Mothership" for Marvel TV Shows

Image: Marvel/ABC
Image: Marvel/ABC

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s TV branch got started on ABC in 2013, and despite the broadening of the scope of Marvel’s TV efforts to include a whole bevy of Netflix shows, Jeph Loeb insists ABC remains at the center.


“[Whether] it’s Fox or it’s FX or it’s Freeform, or it’s Hulu, or it’s Netflix, ABC is always going to be our mothership,” he told Comic Book Resources. “It’s a Disney-owned network. We are a Disney-owned corporation and we’re a good fit for each other.”

And I’m sure this is true, in a corporate heirarchy sense. All Marvel television decisions probably make their way through ABC at one point or another. But from a production sense, it doesn’t feel like ABC is treating Marvel like a huge priority or vice versa. The closest thing to “flagship” shows Marvel has all live on Netflix, and Agents of SHIELD has not felt like a significant ABC property for a long time. Inhumans is getting a substantial, IMAX-infused boost, but it’s unclear how long that will last. And it’s an awfully obscure property to shuffle off to the mothership.


That may change, though, as Loeb also promises more Marvel-ABC collaborations are on the way. “Absolutely. Absolutely,” he told CBR, adding: “Obviously these are things I can’t talk about.”

He also explains what values ABC and Marvel’s television division shares:

“We speak a lot of the same language and the kinds of things that are important to them, which is people rising up again adversity; real emotion; a strong female character, but also a strong sense of family and questions of identity,” Loeb said. “All of those things are key to being a successful ABC show, but they’re also key to being a Marvel show. So in that way we’re going to go and see what happens along the way.”

Just the one female character? I’m sure that’s just a phrasing issue, but, well, it would explain some things about Marvel’s approach.

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Eustache Dauger

ABC is undeniably the mothership. Jesus, people. Have any of you ever seen a sci-fi movie? The mothership never matters. It just gets easily destroyed at the very end when all the interesting stuff is over.