You Will Fall in Love With Jodie Whittaker's Reaction to People Already Cosplaying as Her Doctor

Image: BBC
Image: BBC

Seeing your character represented in cosplay is a time-honored right of passage these days. Of course, when you’re the new Doctor and you’ve been seen for a grand total of one minute, you probably don’t expect to see it so soon.


During her interview on BBC News, Jodie Whittaker was shown a number of photos of people already cosplaying as the thirteenth Doctor. She is delighted and delightful.

Luckily for those fans, a fair amount of the introduction video of the thirteenth Doctor focused in on the outfit so as to better draw out the reveal—making it a handy reference for any dedicated cosplayer.


Whittaker will take over the role from Peter Capaldi after his last outing in the this year’s Christmas special “Twice Upon a Time.” (My colleague James Whitbrook would like to point out, as he does a fair bit in our office chat, that Moffat missed the perfect chance to call this “Twelfth Night.”)

Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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1. Love that the cosplayers are various genders.

2. Must immediately invest in any company that sells black hoodies.