Image: The CW

The finale episode of Riverdaleā€™s first season saw Archieā€™s dad gunned down in a shocking act of violenceā€”one that casts a sinister specter over the first look at season two, which sees Archie and the gang living in fear of a potential killer.

Revealed by ET after its premiere at Riverdaleā€™s Comic-Con panel, the trailer shows us pretty much the immediate aftermath of Fredā€™s shooting, as a bloodied Archie drags his wounded father to the hospital, full of fear that the masked figure that attacked Pops will return again.

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While Archie being shook to his core over the shootingā€”and Jughead sensing a mystery afootā€”form the meat of the teaser, we also get a brief check in with the very much still off-kilter Cheryl Blossom, whoā€™s gleefully nursing her mother in hospital... after, you know, the whole ā€˜burn down your family house with your mom inside itā€™ thing. So basically, itā€™s just another week for the citizens of the CWā€™s delightfully messed up take on Riverdale!

Riverdale returns to the CW October 11.