NBC's Timeless Travels to a Past Where It Wasn't Cancelled With Surprise Renewal

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Talk about changing your fate! NBC has changed course and saved Timeless from cancellation, giving it another season to air sometime in 2018.


Earlier this week, it was announced that NBC would be canceling Timeless after one season, making it the latest in a stream of time travel shows to get canceled before their time. However, show creator Eric Kripke announced on Twitter that they were able to convince NBC to give the show another try. Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Sony TV offered the lion’s share of the profits for the show in exchange for another season, believing that their show has a chance to become a long-running franchise.

Kripke previously announced that the show would be getting a 10-episode season in summer 2018, but has since said he’s not sure when exactly the show will be coming back... just sometime next year. Still, it’s cause for celebration among Timeless fans, who may have just witnessed the most incredible time travel of all: back to a time when Timeless was still on the air.


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I think one reason this survived is that they are, for the most part, historically-accurate, and they go to the little know details. We learned that the Lone Ranger was black, that Al Capone had a secret brother, and about the women that worked as NASA’s “calculators” (before the Hidden Figures movie made them famous). I love 12 Monkeys and Doctor Who, but I don’t expect kids to learn history from them.

If they can keep that “secret history” angle going it will be a huge factor in building the support they will need for a season 3.