All of a Sudden, Time Travel on TV Isn't So Hot Anymore

Timeless was just canceled by NBC. Image: NBC
Timeless was just canceled by NBC. Image: NBC

Last year it felt like every TV show was about time travel, with network series Making History, Time After Time, Timeless, and Frequency, plus a few others peppered around the dial and streaming. But three of those new time-travel shows have since bitten the dust, with a fourth likely soon to follow.


To recap, ABC’s Time After Time was canceled in March. Frequency was canceled earlier this week, and today NBC canceled Timeless. The only new time travel show still on the air as of May 10 is Fox’s Making History. However, most media experts don’t expect Fox to renew the show after its finale later this month.

Today’s loss of Timeless is a blow for fans, who had fought hard to try and get it renewed. Alas, that won’t be happening. After debuting with almost eight million viewers last year, it shrunk to 4.6 million by the end of its season. And with all these casualties, we’re guessing the time-travel trend will be taking some time off for awhile.


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