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Excalibur Is an Airbender in Craziest King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Trailer Yet

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The legend of Excalibur isn’t always the most consistent. Sometimes it’s the Sword in the Stone, sometimes it’s a gift from the Lady of the Lake. In any case, I’m pretty sure none of the legends gave King Arthur magical air powers.


The final trailer for Guy Ritchie’s stylized medieval epic King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is here, and holy hell I’m going to love and hate this movie in equal measure. It looks absolutely bonkers. Charlie Hunnam keeps angrily punching the air, Jude Law is in full DGAF mode, and there are war elephants the size of skyscrapers (at least I think it’s an elephant). As someone who willingly watched the living tragedy that is Gods of Egypt, I can tell this movie is going to bring me so much masochistic delight.


The trailer does give us more plot points that we didn’t really have before. For example, this version’s Arthur wasn’t raised in the countryside by Sir Ector... he grew up in a brothel (because we’ve gotta show those sexy ladies, amiright?). We also see proof of Vortigern’s powers, which could be linked to the aforementioned stadium-sized war elephants. 300 can suck it with their pitiful normal-sized elephants. We’re in Arthur’s world now.

You can check out the trailer below, and be grateful that not everything on April Fool’s Day is fake. Some things are too glorious to make up.


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Sometimes it’s the Sword in the Stone, sometimes it’s a gift from the Lady of the Lake.

I think this is because, technically, they are two different swords that became conflated into one. The Sword in the Stone was originally just that — a normal sword stuck in a stone/anvil and whoever pulled it was the king (probably based on the sword Gram, which was stuck in a tree by Odin and was pulled by Sigmund in Norse Mythology). Exaclibur (or Caliburn) was a completely different sword given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake and this was added by the “Post-Vulgate Cycle” (a series of stories that basically rewrote the Arhurian legends). And then, of course, Mallory’s La morte d’Arthur claimed that both swords were named Excalibur.

...That was way too much information, wasn’t it?