IT Trailer Comparison Floats Remake Alongside Iconic Miniseries

The IT remake trailer is the latest one crowned “Most Popular,” surpassing The Fate of the Furious as the most-viewed trailer in a single day. This trophy will likely be passed to another soon, but in the meantime, let’s take a second to appreciate how much the trailer pays homage to its source material. I’m not talking about the book, but the miniseries.

YouTuber Matt Skuta created a side-by-side comparison, combing through the Tim Curry-starred adaptation to show the parallels between the older movie and the new one. The two trailers have some stark similarities, especially during Georgie’s boat scene, but the newer version definitely presents some early advantages. The larger budget and unique camerawork puts everything through a sort of a Stranger Things-style nostalgic filter, and the substitution of the projector (instead of a photo album) was a smart choice.


That said, the original TV miniseries is still beloved by many, and the jury’s still out whether Bill Skarsgård can hold a candle to Curry, who simply shined in the role. Who can forget the moment Curry creepily uttered, “They float”? Leave it to Curry to actually make a story about a scary clown that’s actually a kinda-maybe scary spider be, well, scary. If the trailer is any indication, Skarsgård’s going to give it his all, but he’s got some pretty big shoes to fill. IT comes out September 8.


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Is the 90's miniseries really iconic? I never thought it was all that good, and I don’t remember it really being lauded back in the day. That was an era ripe with mediocre Stephen King adaptations.