Justice League Trailer Unites the Team, and World

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The full Justice League trailer is here, and things are about to get epic.

Warner Bros. has spent the past couple of days warming up the crowd for the big trailer with a series of posters and teasers, and hell if it hasn’t been effective. In true Snyder style, the trailer looks big, bold, and beautiful (with the exception of Cyborg, whose armor looks like it’s sitting over his face and body). There’s quite a bit to unpack here, where do we begin? Wonder Woman flying through the air. Bruce Wayne admitting his only superpower is he’s rich. Aquaman screaming in delight as he rides on top of Batman’s car! Although, I’m still not over that weird image of Batman literally standing over a statue of Death. Symbolism, people, symbolism!


I will admit it looks great, but then again, so have previous trailers for DC films that didn’t deliver. I’m going to hold out hope that this film will follow Wonder Woman in (hopefully) putting DCEU on the right track, but I’ve been burned before... so it’s a tepid and reluctant hope. Justice League comes out November 17.


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So that was... grey. I mean, I know these aren’t actually comic books, but you do know these things are in color now right?

Do you know how bad your film has to look for me to be ‘meh’ about Parademons?! I await the Red Skies to come and cleanse this mess from the face of Earth Prime.