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Explore a New Galaxy of Wonders (and Danger) in the New Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer

Gif footage: EA.

Nobody ever said finding a home for an arc full of cryo-frozen people was going to be easy, right?

A new clip teases out more of the stakes that will propel the next installment of Bioware’s space action RPG series. Judging by those tanks at o:56, it seems like some of the bad guys might be undertaking some sort of specimen collection for different races. A ship crammed with mint-condition humans could be a tempting target if that was your fetish. We’ll learn more about it all when Mass Effect: Andromeda hits in two weeks.


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Is it weird that I don’t really sympathize with an expeditionary force making its way into the Andromeda to grab at some habitable world? Also, would’ve been nice to play as an alien for a change, instead of Kirking it up yet again. Can’t wait for the 23rd tho.