Doctor Who Teaser Shows New Companion Is Cool With Dying for the Doctor, and She Might

Screengrab via YouTube
Screengrab via YouTube

The latest teaser for Doctor Who’s 10th season gives us an inside look at Bill, the Doctor’s latest companion. She knows he’s “the most dangerous man in the universe” and it could result in her demise, but she’s cool with it because fun times. It’s probably a good thing, because they might be hitting a hard restart on the franchise next year.

“He says he’s a man of peace, but he walks in war.” Damn, Bill, the Doctor’s not playing around this time, is he? Nice knowing ya.

There’s not a lot known yet about Bill, other than the fact that she serves “chips” and asks a hell of a lot of questions. According to actress Pearl Mackie, Bill is kind of a goof, but she’s got a temper and can get things wrong when she’s being stubborn. If this latest teaser is any indication, she’s also completely aware that some serious shit is going down with the Doctor. This isn’t anything new, companions say all the time that they’re willing to “die for the Doctor,” whether or not they actually do. But this time, it might ring a little more true.


Current Doctor Peter Capaldi has said this will be his final season, and season 11 is rumored to be a “clean slate” after the departure of showrunner Steven Moffat. Pearl Mackie’s only got a one-year contract, so this could be Bill’s one-and-only season. If she’s willing to die for the Doctor, they might actually have her follow through on the promise. Given how the last companion went out, that’d be pretty damn heartbreaking.

Doctor Who returns April 15 on BBC America. You can watch the latest teaser below.


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Can we have a Doctor who’s just a person? Traveling through time, having a laugh, helping out when necessary? Must he be saddled with ‘lonely god’ and ‘man of peace who walks in war’ and other tiresome epithets that overload the mood with manufactured portent and limit the sorts of stories they can tell?