Futurama's Bender Reads Chuck Tingle Porn, Shiny Metal Asses Likely Get Bitten

Illustration for article titled iFuturama/is Bender Reads Chuck Tingle Porn, Shiny Metal Asses Likely Get Bitten

Bender, the lovable rascal from Futurama, was never shy when it came to adult-only content. He loved going to robot strip clubs, had a string of girlfriends (including a ship), and was even arrested for pimping. But Bender Bending Rodriguez never took off someone’s pants and admired the length of their dick. Until now, thanks to @Midnight.

Wednesday’s episode of @Midnight featured a strange appearance by erotica writer Chuck Tingle, who’s had his butt pounded by many things, including a Hugo Award nomination (and its subsequent loss). As the Tingler composed his latest masterpiece on the show, Pounded By The Poll To Decide Which Tingler I Write, host Chris Hardwick brought on a special guest to read the first few pages: John DiMaggio, aka the voice of Bender. Listen in awe as Bender gets turned on by the poll’s “massive dong.”


Now, I just need someone to set this to an image or animation of Bender himself, much like those times Billy West read Donald Trump’s tweets as Futurama’s Zapp Brannigan. Come on internet, make it happen.

[A.V. Club]

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“Bender we love you!!”

“Shut up baby, I know it!”