Important Question: What Do You Think Professor X Does in a Casino?

Image: 20th Century Fox
Image: 20th Century Fox

This new image from Logan shows Professor X (Patrick Stewart) in his very best “grandpa just wants to play video poker” attire. With all the slot machines in the background, we all ended up debating what game Professor X likes to play most.


His usual powers, which are telepathy and telekinesis, mean any game with a human opponent would be Charles’ best bet. Blackjack, poker, etc. Machine-based games and random chance games like slots, roulette, and craps he’d have to play like a regular person. I mean, I guess he could use his powers to make everyone around him believe he’d won craps or roulette. But that’s not the same as actually being good.

So now the question is whether or not Charles Xavier is the kind of guy who likes playing a game he can’t influence or if he’s only interested in winning. I think it might be the former because that feels more dramatically right. If there was a comic book that answered this question and I missed it, please feel free to inform me. But mostly we’d like to get a very pointless debate going, because those are what make being a nerd fun.

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Professor X is a telekinetic now too? Did he get retconned?