In New Beauty and the Beast Footage, Emma Watson Sings, Meets the Beast and Yearns for More

Image: Beauty and the Beast, Disney
Image: Beauty and the Beast, Disney
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During the Golden Globes, Disney premiered a short TV spot for Beauty and the Beast. It’s almost all new footage and it’s almost entirely centered on Emma Watson’s Belle. Which makes sense, since it’s soundtracked with her singing “Belle.” Great adventure in the great wide somewhere, indeed.


Like everything else we’ve seen from this film, it’s committed hardcore to calling back to the animated film as much as possible—down to Belle singing her “I Want” song in a field. Take a look:

And here’s the poster:

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Stiiiiill hitting that “meh” area for me.

I honestly just don’t see the point in this remake. “We’re going to do the exact same film that we did amazingly well 20 years ago, the film that was the first and only animated feature to get nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, and the only notable difference is that it’s in Live Action this time!”

And yeah, it’ll probably make a metric fuckton of money. Because it’s still Beauty and the Beast and it does look gorgeous. But what’s the point beyond that? Even Batman v. Superman had a bloody point. This just feels like Disney jerking themselves off with a 20 years later victory lap...