First Teaser for The Handmaid's Tale Is Dark, Creepy, and Unforgiving

Illustration for article titled First Teaser for iThe Handmaids Tale/i Is Dark, Creepy, and Unforgiving

Hulu has released the first teaser trailer for The Handmaid’s Tale, the 10-episode adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel. In just 30 seconds, it says everything about what a beautiful nightmare this series will be.

Elisabeth Moss stars as Offred, a woman struggling to survive in an oppressive, simplified society where she’s used for her fertility to aid re-population efforts. But it’s not just about the world she’s in, but also the world she’s from. The first preview shows that we’ll get a look at Offred’s past, and how it will shape her future. She was a fighter, and she will continue fighting to be reunited with her family.

The visuals look gorgeous but gruesome, including a harrowing look at Alexis Bledel’s character in a face gag. Tiny downgrade for the Offred whipping scene, though, as that thing was nowhere near her face.

The Handmaid’s Tale debuts on Hulu April 26.

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