Watch How ILM Brought Back Tarkin and Leia for Rogue One

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By now, we’ve talked our heads off about the ILM recreations of 1977 Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher in Rogue One. We’ve talked ethics, quality, and even the process. The last piece is to simply watch how it was done, and now you can.


ABC’s Nightline was given the scoop. They did a piece from Industrial Light and Magic in San Francisco, talked to John Knoll, and revealed never before seen footage of the process of creating not just Tarkin, but Leia too. Check it out.

It’s definitely an interesting video, especially now since Carrie Fisher has passed away. Kind of gives the whole process another layer of contemplation.

You can read (and discuss) more about the process with the below links.

[ABC News]

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I don’t get how people have issues with the CGI Leia. I thought she looked absolutely perfect, even after trying my hardest to find flaws during my 2nd and 3rd viewing. Tarkin was obviously more difficult to pull off since he has so much screen time, but multiple friends of mine (who aren’t avid Star Wars fans) and my wife didn’t even know he was CGI until I said something after the movie. Sure, this CGI work may not be 100% beyond uncanny valley territory, but damn if it isn’t around 90% there.