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And no, that headline isn’t only a judgment, that’s also what happens in the first trailer.


The first trailer for The Emoji Movie is here, featuring the voice of Steven Wright as the “Meh” emoji. For real. It doesn’t tell us a ton about the movie itself, but you get an idea of the animation style and interaction between the popular digital creations.

(And yes, this trailer is optimized to be watched on a phone. Because of course it is.)

So, like our headline suggests, The Emoji Movie trailer ends with the shit emoji.


A few months back, we heard exactly what The Emoji Movie was going to be about. Basically, the whole thing takes place inside a smart phone where the emojis are alive. They mostly live and work in the text app, but eventually they break out of that and get into “The World of the Wallpaper,” which is basically your home screen. From there, the emojis begin to explore the other apps on the phone, which are all their own individual worlds.

Now, I don’t hate that idea, but I hate that the teaser trailer doesn’t hint at it. So maybe the fact it ends with the shit emoji is fitting.

The Emoji Movie opens August 4, 2017.

[YouTube via ComingSoon]


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