The First Mummy Trailer Looks Like Mission Impossible With Monsters

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Despite what it may look like at the start, this is not a trailer for Mission: Impossible 6. Sure, there’s Tom Cruise, on a plane, in the middle of a huge action scene. But once the ancient evil lady starts walking around, it’s obvious this is something quite different. This is The Mummy.


Directed by Alex Kurtzman, the latest reincarnation of The Mummy does not star Brendan Frasier. Nor is it set in the past. This is a modern story that will also double as our first foray into a brand new cinematic universe, one that will be eventually (or is it “hopefully?”) be comprised of iconic Universal Monsters like Frankenstein, Wolf Man, Invisible Man, Creature From the Black Lagoon and others.

That all starts and depends on The Mummy though, and here’s the first trailer:

A bit more wham, bam than you’d expect from a monster movie, right? Well, director Alex Kurtzman explained that’s just part of it.

“There are definitely a lot of scares in the movie. And a lot of that stuff is stuff that we’re still rendering. It’s going to take a lot of time to do,” Kurtzman said of the film, which won’t be released until June 9, 2017. “But there’s no question there’s a lot of adventure in the movie. It’s a globe-hopping movie. It takes place all around the world and it’s being designed as a movie for the world....I felt like my job was to make sure that was all in service of [the characters and story] and that we were being authentically true to what I felt a monster movie was about.”

So what does he feel a monster movie is about and how will that play out in The Mummy?

“What separates a monster movie from a horror movie or a slasher movie is the ability to fear the monster and fear for the monster,” he said. “Which means getting to know the monster. It means not just letting the monster have random lines of bad guy dialogue. That means actually giving the monster a story.”

We don’t exactly what the story of this Mummy is just yet, but we’re going to know that and much more.


“What you will come to understand is The Mummy exists in a continuum of monsters and monsters have been around for potentially longer than we have,” Kurtzman explained. “Part of the reason we wanted to start with the mummy is she’s one of the oldest ones. She’s 5,000 years old.”

Check back Monday to find out how The Mummy will tie into the rest of the Universal Monsters shared universe.


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Michael Crider

Is this really the first new “shared monster universe” movie from Universal? I thought that was supposed to be Dracula Untold. (That movie was dumb, but fun - this one’s looking much more bland and cookie-cutter. The female lead seems to be there just so Tom Cruise has someone to save.) Big old SPOILER warning: the epilogue of Untold brings Dracula and the shadowy antagonist into the present day.