Jared Leto's Joker Wasn't Always So Twisted

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Could you imagine a world where the Joker wasn’t so twisted?

As someone who can barely remember a pre-Suicide Squad world, images of what Leto could’ve looked like hit me hard. Tina Charad, the costume graphic illustrator for Suicide Squad, just posted some images from her work on the film. Here we see an alternative version of the Joker, who ostensibly lives in the 1970s and owns a swinger’s club.


This earlier version Joker is less scary, less twisted, even more flamboyant—with “CUT HERE” tattooed on his neck and way too many “HAHAHAHAHAHA”s all over his bod. If you didn’t like Suicide Squad because of its campiness, these early images show just how much more over the top it could have been.

Imgur/DC Entertainment

Be grateful for the little things. Be grateful for Jared Leto’s Joker.


See the rest of the images here.

[Imgur via Comic Book Movie]


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