Some Damn Fine Lego Twin Peaks Minifigures

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While the return of Twin Peaks to our screens next year might spark a new wave of merchandise around the classic series, I would imagine “Lego Twin Peaks” is probably somewhere on the list of things that will never happen. At least, however, we can dream what might have been with these awesome custom minifigures of the cast.

Thankfully, while these minifigures aren’t official, they are purchasable, courtesy of Citizen Brick. Considering it’s mostly the printing that’s custom rather than the Lego parts, they’re pretty much indistinguishable from the alternate reality wherein Lego were mad enough to make a line of Twin Peaks sets.

Illustration for article titled Some Damn Fine Lego iTwin Peaks /iMinifigures

The collection—which will set you back a pricey $60—features Agent Cooper (complete with tape recorder and coffee mug), the very dead Laura Palmer (wrapped in plastic), the Man from Another Place, Audrey Horne (with cigarette), and the Log Lady (with log, of course). Sadly, you’ll have to build your own Double R Diner to put them in.

[Welcome to Twin Peaks via Geyser of Awesome]

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