Star Trek: The Next Generation has the most memorable theme song in the entire Star Trek canon. That may very well be the hottest of takes, but I stand by it. I also stand by this metal cover, because it made my Saturday epic.

YouTube musician Captain Meatshield released his latest Star Trek metal theme song, a medley of The Next Generation’s theme song and selections from Star Trek: First Contact, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Admittedly, the video is a little long and you’re stuck watching a bunch of guitars almost the whole time, but the first two minutes of the track are so worth it. The Next Generation was born to be a metal song.


The musician has done covers of other iconic Star Trek theme songs, like Voyager and Deep Space Nine. However, if you’re a diehard fan of The Original Series, and my hottest of takes can never change that, at least you’ve still got The Harp Twins. Or you can just “Party on the Enterprise,” because I find the weirdest things while doing my job.



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