Iron Man Will Battle Giant Hydra Robots In Marvel's First Disneyland Attraction

He’ll be doing so in Hong Kong, of course, because that’s where Marvel’s first ride for a Disney park is being built. After hearing about it for ages, we finally have a good look at the Iron Man Experience—and it’s basically Star Tours but... well, Stark Tours.

Following three years of construction in Disneyland Hong Kong’s Tomorrowland section, the Iron Man Experience is due to open early next year. After being ushered through a queue dressed up to look like the latest version of Tony’s Stark Expo, visitors get on a giant, Iron-Man-colored flying shuttle that is meant to take them to the new Stark Tower being built in Hong Kong... but that’d be a bit boring for a ride, so giant robots show up to attack the city instead.

It’s a cool premise for the ride, even if it is basically a sort of Star Tours-esque attraction with a Marvel skin. But given Disney’s ownership of Marvel, it’s likely to be the first of many attractions featuring Earth’s mightiest heroes and more coming to Disney parks across the world. Presumably, we can expect to see the next few showing up in American and European Disney parks too.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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Cat Tarsus Sinus

With Star Tours on the chopping block on the east and west coasts and with Body Wars gone, that’ll leave, what, three of these simulators Disney will still be running?

Also, it may be a more or less recycled ride system, but at least it’s better than this:

I feel sorry for the guy, he’s trying to sell it but I guess the kids are just not recognizing him yet or just aren’t interested. The whole thing seems a little clunky though. But, a few things, 1) it’s temporary, 2) they most likely aren’t going to be able to advertise this, and 3) it’s WDW, probably the worst run location in the company so I’m surprised they went this far.