Stan Lee Has an Anime Now, Also Stop Putting Stan Lee's Name on Things

The world is already overwhelmed with projects that have had comics luminary Stan Lee’s name slapped on them for no reason other than trying to capitalize and name recognition and past works. What’s one more?


Debuted this past Saturday at L.A. Comic Con—ahem, sorry, Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con—Reflection, a collaboration between Pow! Entertainment and Studio DEEN, is a new series that is more than happy to play off its connection to Lee, given its teaser trailer ends with what is presumably one of the series’ heroes landing right in front of a giant billboard with Stan Lee’s face on it. But beyond that, it seems like there’s very little else to connect the series to the writer.

The anime—or really, should it not be a Stanime?—is directed by Hiroshi Nagahama, and follows the chaotic events of a mysterious event known as the “Reflection,” which leads to humans across the world developing superpowers. It’s not the first time Lee has brought his brand to eastern media, but it still feels just as awkward as the other myriad projects Lee has had his name put on over recent years, but obviously failed to have any substantive connection to creating.

Reflection is set to release worldwide next year.


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Stan Lee has had an Anime before. The name was “Her0Man” (yes, don’t ask), which featured an over-the-top thing that looked like the Michelin mascot on steroids, a main human character called Joey Jones, and several cameos of Stan Lee drinking coffee.