Image Credit: Kinja User Pwomp

There’s just one week to go before the big day—and we want to see more of your progress on getting your costumes ready for Halloween! Although let’s be honest, you face some tough competition, like Kinja user Pwomp’s dog Hank.

Although Hank may have stolen our hearts already as the First Dogvenger, we’ve already had seen some amazing costumes, like MrCrumley’s Throg, God of Thunder, in the style of the cardboard box heroes:


This amazingly creepy clown from DeadGuy, complete with puppeteered limbs:

Or Mike and his wife as Batman v Superman’s Knightmare Batman—and apocalyptic Robin!


If you still need some last-minute inspiration, you can see the rest of the entries we’ve had so far at the link below—otherwise please post pictures of yourself (and only yourself), and tell us both who or what you are dressed up as and a little about how you put your costume together, in the comments. The best of the best will be featured here on io9 on Halloween itself!


James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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