New Doctor Strange Footage Actually Looks Strange

The Doctor Strange movie has pushed itself as being mindbending, just like the comic books that inspired it—but honestly, most of what we’ve seen so far is a little less Steve Ditko, a little more Inception. That’s all well and good (and weird), but we’re very glad this new teaser leans more towards the Ditko trippiness.


A new mini featurette released today by Marvel takes a look at the film’s approach to reality bending, and while it starts off with the Inception-inspired folding cityscapes that have dominated the Doctor Strange marketing so far, it quickly shifts into something much like the strangeness seen in the worlds of Marvel’s ‘60s comics.

And honestly, it’s great to finally see it—because it was a little worrying that, for all the talk from the cast and crew about how bizarre and weird Strange’s magic was going to be in the movie, seeing nothing but the shifting skyscrapers had us pining for some of the honest-to-god bizarre mindscapes of Strange’s trips in the comics. It’s nice to see that those weird sojourns into Marvel mysticism are being kept in place for the film.


Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4th.

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