A Haunting Short Film Set in a World Where Evolution Happens Rapidly—And Is Often Deadly

In the dystopian world of Dust, evolution occurs at a breakneck rate, forming organisms that may hold miraculous powers or trigger deadly plagues. While most of humanity lives in walled cities, it’s the job of trackers to record the changes, and look for ways to cure the sicknesses.


We spoke with Dust director Mike Grier back in 2013, after the trailer for Dust was released, and he said he was interested in turing it into a feature film. Now that we’ve seen this crowdfunded project come to life, we’re curious to see more. What is life like in those walled cities? What other organisms exist in this ever-changing world? And how might humanity learn to live in harmony within its environment instead of retreating from it?

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I enjoyed it, but why does everything _except_ humans evolve so fast?