Dolph Lundgren Hunts Demons in the Bloody Trailer for Don't Kill It

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Once you hear the words “Dolph Lundgren hunts demons” you’re either in or out. Because either you’re a person who thinks this idea sounds absurd and stupid, or you think it sounds like an over the top, completely fantastic B-movie idea. If you’re the latter, you’ve gotta check out this blood-soaked trailer for Don’t Kill It.

Don’t Kill It, directed by Mike Mendez (Big Ass Spider) is premiering this weekend at Fantastic Fest.


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You know being an engineer can be frustrating. Things don’t always work out, the coffee runs out, the desk seems too small, etc.

Sometimes I think I chose the wrong degree. Then I realize I should be emulating the famed engineer Dolph Lundgren, and I should be hunting demons.