The New Ouija: Origin of Evil Trailer Features One of Creepiest Creepy Girls of All Time

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Though the 2014 Ouija movie was a big hit, it was bad and everyone expected a sequel to be crap. The release of the first trailer for Ouija: Origin of Evil changed that, delivering some truly terrifying and surprising visuals. The second trailer does more of the same by focusing on Doris, the possessed girl at the center of the film.

She’s played by young actress Lulu Wilson and, if Ouija lives up to these trailers, Doris is going to find herself on the same page as Carrie, Samara, and other young, creepy horror villains. Check it out:

Directed by Mike Flanagan, Ouija: Origin of Evil is actually a prequel to the first movie. It’s a period piece set in 1964 about a mother (Twilight’s Elizabeth Reaser) and her daughters who run a phony séance business. Then they get a new prop for the show: a Ouija board which takes a liking to one daughter in particular.


The film opens October 21.


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Kids these days with their creep large mouths...