The Delightful Story Behind the Supergirl/Flash Crossover's Ice Cream Bit

If you thought that there couldn’t be a somehow even more delightful behind-the-scenes story behind the amazing Supergirl moment when Barry brings Kara and James Olsen ice cream, prepare to be proved wrong.


The CW panel at the Television Critics Association summer tour was just jam-packed with crazy-exciting news about the channel’s DC shows—perhaps most joyously that Barry Allen and Kara Danvers will be crooning together in an honest-to-god Supergirl/Flash singalong crossover.

But amidst all the excitement, the joy, and the casting announcements, there was one brief moment where the producers behind Supergirl and Flash discussed the delightful moment in the first Flash/Supergirl teamup, where Barry fetches Kara and James an ice cream cone, because he’s an adorable dork—and it makes us love these guys even more. Here it is, via TV Guide’s liveblogging coverage of the panel on Twitter:

So a) they changed Barry’s treat from coffee to ice cream just to make it cuter, and b) Melissa Benoist ate three of the ice creams during shooting. Melissa Benoist is not just all of us when looking at ice cream, she is all of us when eating copious amounts of it as well. Truly the best spirit guide humanity could ask for.

Between this and the fact she sometimes carries puppies around the set, I’m not sure what else the team behind Supergirl could reveal about Melissa Benoist to make me squeal in delight even more—but I’m looking forward to it. This show is the goddamn best.


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Aww cute! I was wondering the other day if her unbridled joy was acting or if maybe they actually surprised her with ice cream and that is her natural reaction.

Cut unnecessary drama llamas and have 1000x more scenes like this and Season 2 will be the greatest show ever.