Spider-Man: Homecoming Set Pic Shows Off Spidey's Sweet New Web-Shooters

Illustration for article titled iSpider-Man: Homecoming/i Set Pic Shows Off Spideys Sweet New Web-Shooters

Everything we’ve been hearing about Spider-Man: Homecoming (especially since Comic-Con) has us excited to see the movie—no small feat for a superhero whose franchise has already in its second reboot. Today, thanks to this set photo, we have a chance to admire Spidey’s snazzy new web-shooters.

Presumably, these are courtesy of Spider-man’s Captain America: Civil War buddy Tony Stark. We’ll see them in action July 7, 2017.


[Comic Book Movie]

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Here’s an exclusive photo from the set- you are seeing it here first and I think this should get me at the top of io9's page today (maybe a job-hint hint)