Kamala Khan Makes Her Debut on the Avengers Cartoon This Sunday

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We’ve known that Ms. Marvel was coming to the Avengers cartoon at some point, but now we actually know when: really soon! A new clip from this Sunday’s episode of Avengers: Ultron Revolution (née Assemble) has been released online, and it shows Kamala joining the fight alongside Captain American and Iron Man.

Also joining Kamala will be fellow young Inhuman Inferno in “The Kids Are Alright”, which sees the young duo team up with Cap and Tony to fight the villainous Ghost. Check it out:

For now this is probably a minor one-and-done appearance, but we do know Kamala will be back in the next season of the show as a main character and full-time member of the Avengers team, so this is just a taste of things to come for the hero.


[Via Bleeding Cool]

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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! She embiggened my heart! Can’t wait for her tv debut!

Interesting we are getting her before Carol. Only sign of Carol was aome kids in Captain Marvel outfits for Halloween episode.