Black Mirror Season 3 Will Premiere Sooner Than We'd Thought

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This is a surprise—Netflix’s rejuvenation of dystopian British anthology series Black Mirror is a lot closer than we expected. We’ve heard about the tantalizing casting for a while, but now we know when we’ll finally be able to watch it.


Confirmed at the Television Critics Association summer press tour today, Netflix announced that all six episodes of the new season of Charlie Brooker’s creepy sideways-glance at the future will drop on the streaming service on October 21st. They also revealed the main casts and titles of each episode, which you can check out below:

  • “San Junipero”, starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis, directed by Owen Harris
  • “Shut Up and Dance,” starring Jerome Flynn and Alex Lawther, directed by James Watkins
  • “Nosedive,” starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Alice Eve, and James Norton, directed by Joe Wright
  • “Men Against Fire,” starring Michael Kelly, Malachi Kirby, and Madeline Brewer, directed by Jakob Verbruggen
  • “Hated in the Nation,” starring Kelly MacDonald, directed by James Hawes
  • “Playtest,” starring Wyatt Russell and Hannah John-Kamen, directed by Dan Trachtenberg

We can’t wait for more of this bitingly clever show. But if you’ve not dived in yet, the first two seasons, produced by Channel 4 in the UK, as well as its disturbing Christmas Special, are available on Netflix now. You’ve got a few more months to get caught up.

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Well, of course. They had to be afraid if they waited too long to drop the show, the real 2016 would beat them to the title of craziest modern dystopia.