The Reason Blaine Had a Mute Minion in iZombie

Image: CW, io9 badge by Jim Cooke
Image: CW, io9 badge by Jim Cooke

Sometimes you make a plan assuming things aren’t going to go your way. And then they do, and you’re kind of stuck with the plan. That’s exactly the thinking that resulted in iZombie’s morally bankrupt brain seller, Blaine (David Anders), having a giant, eye patch-wearing, mute minion named Chief (Andre Tricoteux).


At an iZombie press event during San Diego Comic-Con, we asked David Anders about Blaine’s minions, and he told us why Chief only communicated with Blaine through text:

Funny story about Andre’s character Chief, Rob [Thomas] our fearless creator, he wasn’t convinced they would be able to find another big, like hulking henchmen that could act as well as Aleks Paunovic, who died in the first season. He played Julian so well.

So that whole thing of Andre, Chief, communicating to me by text was because he was convinced we wouldn’t be able to find another big guy who could talk well. And Andre is a good actor. He played the mute thing well.

In some cases, necessity is the mother of invention. In this case, the paranoid fear of necessity was the mother of invention. Of course, it also brought us a scene of Chief typing out a “That’s what she said” text to Blaine, so it was, in retrospect, a great choice.

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Blaine has the best minions.

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And just think, “everyone” who heard of this show originally thought “Main characters name is Liv Moore? Really? a little on the nose...” And last season ended with a company called Filmore Graves?

Clearly this show leans into the camp so much it's made this show a masterpiece.... I love it and can't wait for it's return!