And Now, Presenting Gillian Anderson as Marilyn Monroe for American Gods

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Look, we rarely need an excuse to post about the honest-to-gods delight that is Gillian Anderson. But American Gods just gave us a damn good reason to do so anyway.


Anderson, who plays Media in the series, wasn’t in attendance at the American Gods panel at San Diego Comic-Con this year, so she decided to celebrate by sharing a new image of herself in character. We’d already kind of saw it in the first teased image of her released recently (that’s it above), but Anderson’s revealed a much clearer look of herself being... well, rather fabulous, really.


In the book, Media, one of the new gods (the goddess of television, in fact) often took on the form of various pop culture icons—like Lucille Ball in her role as the titular Lucy in I Love Lucy. But it looks like she’ll be changing into at least one new form, if Marilyn is any indicator. The casting with this show, as ever, continues to be perfection. The show’s own Twitter account seemingly agrees:

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