Sleepy Hollow Casts Ichabod's New Scully, Er, Partner

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Ichabod Crane (and the rest of humanity) may be reeling from the loss of his Witness, but at least he’s got a new partner to hunt the forces of evil with. True Blood actress Janina Gavankar has signed on to join Sleepy Hollow as its resident Dana Scully in season 4.

Gavankar is set to play Diana, a Scully-like character who was first announced several weeks ago. According to TVLine, she’s a former military officer-turned-special agent with Homeland Security. She doesn’t believe in the supernatural, which will likely put her at odds with dear old Crane. Unfortunately, given how much the show has established the supernatural as a real, tangible threat, throwing in a skeptic in season four seems like too little too late.

The future of the series has been in a state of flux ever since co-lead Abbie Mills (Nichole Beharie) was killed off, leaving Ichabod Crane to duke it out against some pretty dull evil forces with some even duller FBI co-workers. Since then, things have gotten even crazier. Lance Gross and Jessica Camacho, the aforementioned duller FBI co-workers, have also left the show. Ichabod Crane isn’t even in Sleepy Hollow anymore. His next stop? Washington DC, for what seems to be almost no reason.


If Diana is going to save Sleepy Hollow as a series, she has a lot of work to do.


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“Look its fine we ruined our black lady lead! We have another woman of color to take her place!”