The Classic '90s Cartoon Batman Is Teaming Up With the Ninja Turtles for a New Comic

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Last year, DC Comics announced a Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover series at Comic-Con, and this year they’re doing it again—but with a twist.


As revealed by Nerdist this morning, this time Batman and the Turtles won’t be their “usual” selves, but their animated series counterparts—for Batman, that means the Bruce Timm-styled Animated Series look, and for the Turtles, it looks like they’re taking inspiration from their Nickelodeon show—or more specifically, its comic spinoff, TMNT: Amazing Adventures.

Batman/TMNT Adventures, written by Matthew K. Manning and with art by Amazing Adventures artist Jon Sommariva, will follow Batman on the hunt for an escaped group of his deadliest foes—but when they make their way from Gotham to the Turtles’ home in New York City, he has to call them to help re-capture them, before the Turtles’ own enemies try to stop him.

The first crossover was a pretty fun idea—and, according to Dan Didio at yesterday’s DC Comics press breakfast at SDCC, a series that did very well for the Publisher. So maby it’s not too surprising we’re getting more of it, but it’s still good to see more coming from it—especially with a fresh, stylistic twist. Batman/TMNT Adventures begins this November.

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They’ve been coming out with some awesome stuff for the Turtles lately! Like the Donnie vs Raph short that Vasquez did for Comic-Con was genius.