The Chronicles of Amber TV Series Could Be the Next Game of Thrones

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Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) will bring Roger Zelazny’s 10-part Chronicles of Amber book series to television, with co-producer David Alpert of Skybound Entertainment calling it “one of my favorite book series of all time” and “a lifelong dream” of a project. Sounds like it’s in good hands.


So far, there’s no other info (no writers, directors, network, or timetable), but this is still an announcement worth getting excited about. And not just if you’re a Walking Dead fan. Zelazny’s work had a huge impact on George R.R. Martin, who wrote a touching tribute when the author, who’d become a personal friend, died in 1995:

Lord of Light was the first Zelazny book I ever read. I was in college at the time, a long time reader who dreamed of writing himself one day. I’d been weaned on Andre Norton, cut my teeth on Heinlein juveniles, survived high school with the help of H.P. Lovecraft, Isaac Asimov, “Doc” Smith, Theodore Sturgeon, and J.R.R. Tolkien. I read Ace doubles and belonged to the Science Fiction Book Club, but I had not yet found the magazines. I’d never heard of this Zelazny guy. But when I read those words for the first time, a chill went through me, and I sensed that SF would never be the same. Nor was it. Like only a few before him, Roger left his mark on the genre.

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While the first 5 books were, as most agree, just overall superior to the second set, my favorite sequence was still from Merlin’s books. Specifically, the Through the Looking Glass bit. I’m still annoyed that he didn’t at least try to keep the Vorpal Sword. Yeah, it probably wouldn’t have worked, but why not roll the dice, at least?

In fact, I never really understood why the Courts of Chaos consistently played second fiddle to the Princes and Princesses of Amber. Almost all of them were accomplished sorcerers, while almost no one in Amber was, and they were all natural shapeshifters on par with or even surpassing something like Mystique from X-Men. The Logrus gave them all the same powers over Shadow and whatnot that the Pattern gave the Amberites. They had every advantage, including numbers (as Amber was set up to be ruled basically by Dworkin’s family while the Courts had dozens or more houses). The nobility of Amber had their Pattern powers, but were otherwise human. Some of them knew some kinds of useful sorcery and several were good with Trump - which to my knowledge was only weaponized once, and that by a Prince of Chaos, sort of - but so were most of the nobles of the Courts. I have no idea why they didn’t just march on the place and take it, or at least kill everybody they wanted to do away with (except Dworkin, of course, being from the Courts in the first place, and being a crazy bastard, was probably beyond their ability to murder).