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Watch the First Eight Minutes of Netflix's Spooky Scifi Series Stranger Things Right Now

Illustration for article titled Watch the First Eight Minutes of Netflixs Spooky Scifi Series iStranger Things/i Right Now

We already told you how much we enjoyed Netflix’s science fiction nostalgia trip, Stranger Things. The eight-part series will be available in full tomorrow, but you can get a sneak peek at the suspenseful first eight minutes right now. If you weren’t already excited about the show, you will be after you see this.


The sequence involves a scary event that sets the story in motion and introduces the quartet of young Dungeons & Dragons players at its center. Major E.T. vibes here... except in this case, it seems like E.T. would rather snack on little kids instead of Reese’s Pieces.

[Latino Review]

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I’m not a fan of watching the first chapter of a book before I buy it. And same goes for movies or tv shows. That said I am psyched for this. Its on my add list and everything. Can’t wait.