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Add Mr. Robot to the Growing List of TV Shows With Aftershows

Illustration for article titled Add iMr. Robot/i to the Growing List of TV Shows With Aftershows

Damn you, Chris Hardwick, look what you did! After seeing the success of aftershows for AMC hits like The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, other networks have been getting in on the action. HBO has one for Game of Thrones, and USA just announced one for season two of Mr. Robot.


It’ll be called Hacking Robot and debut after the show’s season two premiere on July 13. No host has been announced, nor has it been revealed if this will just be a premiere thing, or a weekend thing. (You’re off the hook, Hardwick.)

The second season will also contain two more episodes than before, bringing the total to 12. As for what that season will be about, here’s a new trailer via Buzzfeed.

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Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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I am not usually a fan of after shows, but I may actually tune in for the Mr. Robot one. I’m hosting a discussion group for season 2 this summer on my campus, and I’m curious if the “experts” will have the same take on the episodes as my students!