George R. R. Martin to Stephen King: 'How the Fuck Do You Write So Fast?'

This entire nearly hour-long conversation between writing luminaries George R. R. Martin and Stephen King is well worth listening to in its entirety, but before that: skip to around 50:08 and hear Martin ask the one question he’s always wanted to put to King. It’s worth it.


The interview comes from a recent event in Albuquerque, New Mexico that’s been recently made available online, and Martin’s demand to know how King writes “so many books, so fast” isn’t just cute—especially considering Martin’s own infamous writing pace when it comes to A Song of Ice and Fire—but a really interesting insight into how the two writers approach their work ethic. King just writes and writes and writes, regardless of if it’ll end up being cut or not. Martin, on the other hand, prefers to take his time.

[Via EW]

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From the video I think George has a lot more worry about how people view him as a writer and disappointing them with future pieces of work. At this point I suspect that he’s been crippled by self doubt and his own success. He’s terrified that his next book will be crap.

Stephen on the other hand has made writing habitual, minimum of six pages a day written, and that’s a bad day. He’s written brilliant books and he’s written drivel. At this point he’s past caring what anyone thinks of him.