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The Star of How I Met Your Mother Is Directing a Multi-Dimensional Love Story

Josh Radnor at Comic Con 2013. Image: CBS
Josh Radnor at Comic Con 2013. Image: CBS

Hear us out, this is good news. His first two movies are really wonderful!

Josh Radnor, the star of the long-running CBS show How I Met Your Mother, has just signed to direct a film called The Leaves, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It’s about a man who ends up in a parallel dimension and has to convince his soul mate that they’re in love.


Radnor has previously directed two films, both of which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival: happythankyoumoreplease and Liberal Arts. The former won a bunch of awards at the fest and the latter got multiple standing ovations, but neither really lit up the box office once they hit a wider market. I’m a huge fan of both—they show that Radnor has a keen eye for character, humor as well as those magical moments that make cinema great. Seeing his take on a scifi romance feels like a great idea.

The Leaves was written by Christopher Kyle and Kevin J. Walsh, with Radnor himself doing a pass. He’s not expected to star.


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Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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And that son, Is how I met your mother IN THE FUTURE.