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Alec Baldwin Plays a Futuristic Puppetmaster in This Trippy Clip From Andron

Illustration for article titled Alec Baldwin Plays a Futuristic Puppetmaster in This Trippy Clip From iAndron/i

Indie science fiction thriller Andron just kind of appeared out of nowhere, but it’s hard to ignore any film that casts Alec Baldwin as the sinister host of a game show that involves cruelly manipulating the minds of its unwilling players.


Here’s the official synopsis:

In the year 2154, a group of young men and women awake in a dark claustrophobic maze. They don’t remember who they are or how they got stuck in the Black Labyrinth of ANDRON. The group must learn to decipher codes, understand the signals and beat the tests in this mysterious and bizarre place. Out of necessity they struggle to form a bond to survive, while the outside world watches and wagers on their fate.


Check out our exclusive clip, which shows Baldwin’s character apparently convincing one of his contestant/prisoners that he was a medieval knight, among other bizarre memories:

Andron, which also stars Danny Glover, opens today in select cities.

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I get a serious Into the Electric Castle by Ayreon vibe from this.

Also, I guess the obvious joke is Kenneth Parcell finally came up with a better game show format than Gold Case once he became president of NBC...