The Original Mystery Science Theater 3000 Cast Will Reunite for a Special Rifftrax Event

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It’s been a very good time to be an MST3K fan. Not only will the show return with a new cast in the not-too-distant future, under the guidance of the original creator and host Joel Hodgson, but now the entire original cast is getting together for a one-night, special reunion, courtesy of Rifftrax!


Actually, I should say that the reunion, like the rejuvenated series, is also courtesy of Kickstarter, and the many, many fans who donated both to make them possible. By meeting their goal, Rifftrax will be able to bring Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett with Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Mary Jo Pehl and Bridget Nelson for the first time in a very long time! (Also some guy name Jonah Ray will be attending.)

That’s right: All three poor schlubs that were shot (or are about to be shot) into space and forced to watch cheesy movies. Tom Servo. Not one but two Crow T. Robots. Dr. Forrester and TV’s Frank and Pearl Forrester. And to top it off, the delightfully insane Mr. B Natural!

The Rifftrax MST3K Reunion is happening in Minneapolis on June 28th, but like all Rifftrax Live events, it’ll be beamed across the nation into various theaters. You can get those tickets here beginning on April 15. Also, there’s still plenty of rewards still available if you head over to the Kickstarter, including the chance to write your own riff for the show. You can also purchase tickets for an earlier Rifftrax Live event, where Mike, Kevin and Bill take on the infamous Time Chasers again, on May 5 (which this Kickstarter also made possible).

Honestly, they’ll be hard-pressed to top their first go at the film. But I am always happy to see them try.

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Rifftrax would be so much better without Bill Corbett. He is not funny in the least...he was the worst Crow.